When Success Doesn’t Feel Successful
Elliott Hauser

Forget Your Inbox

It’s similar to the adage of being busy does not equal being effective. One thing that I’ve successfully done for the better part of a year is focus on what’s in front of me vs what’s pending in my digital life. This literally means focusing on being present in my conversations with founders in our portfolio and the amazing people on our team at Brinc (@brinciot). It certainly comes with a price. At the end of the day, the digital build up is overwhelming and I often frustrate people because of my slow or outright lack of a response to their digital outreach.

I’ve had a long argument with myself on which is of moral higher ground. Ha. Literally, I’ve convinced myself that I’m better for not being a slave to my digital inboxes (just checked for fun and I have 27,435 unread messages across my various inboxes and that doesn’t count my messaging applications). Sometimes I feel like it’s unfair that anyone can just grab your attention and expect that you’ll respond in a timely manner or at all.

One thing I do know is that all things are not equally important. Therefore, I ignore my inboxes until I have completed all the other work that is physically in front of me. For this part of my life and where I believe I add the most value, it is in the physical world. This comes at a cost of plenty of opportunities or deals that I’m sure I’m missing, but it feels right for today.

Thanks again for the post. Really great.