Did you know you can inspect your node application’s memory without instrumenting your code ? It’s possible using a tool called mdb_v8. With mdb_v8 we can produce a core dump of a running node process, and then later inspect the memory at the time the core dump was generated. This leads to some powerful postmortem debugging capabilities.

In this post I’m going to walk you through setting up mdb_v8 locally so that you can inspect your node application’s memory. Recently I went through this exercise myself and realized there was no good guide to do so. …

By Betable CTO, Mike Malone

Like most good TIFUs this didn’t happen today. It actually happened about two years ago. It is, however, still relevant. More significantly, it’s not just me who screwed up. Math.random() in the V8 Javascript engine is screwed up, too.

“Many random number generators in use today are not very good. There is a tendency for people to avoid learning anything about such subroutines; quite often we find that some old method that is comparatively unsatisfactory has blindly been passed down from one programmer to another, and today’s users have no understanding of its limitations.”

— Donald Knuth; The Art of…

Originally published by Bryce Neal at bryce.is on November 1, 2015 and featured in the GoLang Newsletter issue 83 (with proper syntax highlighting).

Lately I’ve been doing more work in the Go programming language. Today I thought I would share three “gotchas” that caught me off guard, or otherwise produced results that I would not have expected in my work with Go.

1. The range clause

The range clause is very convenient. It allows you to iterate over a slice or map while giving you a reference to the index and the value of each item. For example:

for index, value := range mySlice…

The state of Betable and our Technology by CTO, Mike Malone.

My name is Mike Malone and I’m CTO at Betable, a venture backed technology startup based out of San Francisco. In the past I’ve been fairly active writer of things, speaker at conferences, and contributor to open source and open standards projects. That stopped pretty abruptly about four years ago when I joined Betable, a tiny company with the ambitious goal of reinventing and safely opening up the $500 billion gambling industry to developers who can’t afford their own licenses.

When I joined, Betable was just an idea. We…

tl;dr: JavaScript is pretty cool once you accept and embrace its quirks. The community around it is even better. There are some fucking smart people working on really cool shit.

First off, let me start by saying that this was my first conference ever, and also that I am not actually a front-end JavaScript developer. Day to day, I spend my time building back-end micro-services in GO for Betable, an online gambling platform. I only dabble in JavaScript when I need to work on our externally facing API, which is written in Node.js. …

Betable Engineering

Betable is bringing big change to the real money gaming and payment industry with our cutting-edge, next-generation payments technology.

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