How to Claim Your BetaMars Ticket NFT


Step1: Click the “CLAIM NFT” button on

Step2: Enter your BSC Wallet Address.

Step3: Enter your Ticket Number.

Step4: Customize a Username for yourself.

Step5: Click the “REDEEM” button to get a BetaMars Ticket NFT.

Step6: Wait patiently after clicking.

Step7: Click “DOWNLOAD” to save your BetaMars Ticket NFT. Remember your BSC NFT ID.


1. The Ticket NFT will be airdropped to your BSC address.

2. Check your BetaMars Ticket NFT on MetaMask app:

Step1. Enter your your BSC Wallet Address on MetaMask and click the “NFTs” button.

Step2. Click “Import NFTs”.

Step3. Enter the Contract Address of BetaMars Ticket NFT: 0x90FC8d0Ecd1A0837dAc6DDF2eF45B5f1dB79383b

Step4. Enter your Ticket ID.

Step5. Click“Import”.

BetaMars Social Network:

Official Website:







BetaMars is coming

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BetaMars is coming

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