32 first drafts of words we need in 2015

A rather marvellous article from the Hazlitt blog of Penguin Canada suggests that there are 32 feelings / sensations / emotions / ideas that need naming next year. Being the premptive fellow that I am, I’ve had a stab six weeks early.

Definitions first, then lexicographic attempts in bold italic after. I’ve tried not to provide explanations of my thinking, but there was one where I couldn’t resist. Clearly some of these work better than others, but that’s the – ahem – name of the game. You should try defining too.


1. Abatement of dread when you realize you’re worried about something no one who’s not on the internet even understands – interlief

2. A game in which an insignificant but unsolvable problem is posited as a serious problem in need of solving – ludant

3. A misallocated emotion, particularly fear, anger, or sadness – feelang

4. Feeling of being in multiple worlds at once – avanescence

5. The genuine part of a nicety – trument

6. Remembering you have a body and wishing you didn’t – corpoe

7. False sense of accomplishment for having had firsthand experience with an object of cultural nostalgia – instary

8. Private feeling of dismay when it turns out everyone knows about something you thought only you knew about – pareles

9. Feeling of sexual obligation to someone you met on the Internet or a cellphone – erios

10. Overall dissonance between one’s online and offline personae – facegap

11. The feeling of having read many words and learned nothing – logonning

12. A decent but forgettable thing that is fun to remember about (e.g., asiago) – nurrell

13. A totally unremarkable place that feels remarkable to visit because you never thought you would – groundel

14. A fashion trend spawned by a joke about fashion trends – voog

15. A sex trend spawned by fear about sex trends – shamshana

16. “Phantom limb” feeling when a technology on which you feel dependent is unavailable – hiapptus

17. Opportunism applied to the tweet- or blogability of private interactions – sharify

18. A conversation between the selves of one person – hemischat

19. Mental or intellectual intimacy at a physical remove – intermacy

20. The “line” between “life” and “art” – heti

21. A pile of shedded hair in a long-haired person’s apartment – follieleft

22. The state of perceiving your own thoughts and behaviours through the eyes of someone you have feelings for or are otherwise fixated on – aurelias

23. The feeling of undergoing something impossible (e.g., death, nausea) – proust

24. The difference between “wanting” to do bad things/have bad things done to you and wanting to do bad things/have bad things done to you – kinski

25. Sexual revulsion caused by emotional intimacy – knix

26. Sexual desire caused by revulsion – fenn

27. Actual evil as opposed to “naughty” evil – daecide

28. The feeling of needing to wash your face – grebio

29. A sassy witticism that actually makes no sense – fetch

30. A smell that is gross but pleasant to smell – olesant

31. A person it is OK to be mean to – bumpty

32. A colour that means purple, but isn’t – elppru

With thanks to Matt Muir for suggesting the idea in the first place.

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