Simple Token — ICO Analysis

HI MADI Omar — sorry I’m only responding to this now, we just saw this for the first time.

I’d encourage you please to catch the detailed Simple Token project update here and to take a careful look at the updates to our team, advisors, backers, and documents here:

The Simple Token project is 18 months in the making and we only recently came out of stealth to talk about the project as we wanted to execute a “good” token sale and prove utility first before going public about the project. Ours is a 30+ person team working on the project of consumer internet and blockchain veterans including the entire Berlin team from Monax who joined Simple Token.

We also recommend you tune into our Telegram channel at — it’s lively, highly engaged, and growing rapidly.

Happy to answer any questions you or anyone else might have about Simple Token. Our pre-sale is well subscribed and we’re looking forward to a successful initial token generation event and more importantly to the great work ahead to prove out the true utility and value of Simple Token for years and years to come.