Pepo | A new company from the engineering team that created Hem, Fab, and Socialmedian.


Today Sunil Khedar and I are getting started on our new company, Pepo.

I’m not ready to share too many details yet about Pepo, except to say that Pepo will be a mobile app for discovering and sharing life experiences. It’s going to be a super fun project!

Some context. I believe that mobile apps today are currently in a phase that’s similar to how the web was in 2005 when Web 2.0 took ahold. Back then, the web began a transition from “everyone has a website” to “let’s rethink the business for the web.” Today, despite claims of “mobile first” most mobile apps are still mobile versions of web experiences. We are still in the early days of the development of mobile apps, experiences, and technology that are truly created from the ground-up with the supercomputer-in-the-pocket in mind. I’m excited to launch Pepo into that trend.

I’m joined at Pepo by Sunil Khedar who has been building software with me since 2007. Many of our top devs are also joining us on this next chapter.

For now, I encourage you to check out the overall vibe of Pepo and sign up for updates about our launch.

While building Pepo, we are also taking on some software development projects for interesting companies. We are a team of 40+ full-stack ruby on rails developers based in Pune, India, and we can dispatch teams for 6 to 12 month assignments. Let us know if you have any needs.

Kind regards for a prosperous 2016.