Quick Simple Token Update — On Day 17 we mooned — 5 hours remain


We want buyers who want to use the OpenST protocol and who believe in the long term potential of the project, not speculators. As shown above, we have taken great strides to help make sure that all purchasers of ST are getting great prices.

Please purchase Simple Token only because you believe in the project and promise of Simple Token to help mainstream businesses embrace and benefit from blockchain. We cannot comment on it as an investment and we cannot provide investment advice on any topic nor discuss any potential returns on any investments.

To be clear: There will be no further bonuses or adjustments for the duration of the token sale ending 1 December, 2017, except for the Power bonus if hit. As described on our website at https://sale.simpletoken.org

Our advice for ST buyers: Focus on the real utility and benefits of ST.




This Medium post is not a prospectus nor a solicitation for investment and it does not pertain in any way to an offering of securities in any jurisdiction.

You must read the entirety of our Terms & Conditions document carefully before making any decision to purchase ST Tokens. You must also monitor the https://simpletoken.org website and our Medium publications for any announcements from the Foundation as they may add to, or change, these Terms and Conditions at any time.

Purchasing, holding or using cryptographic tokens carries significant potential financial, regulatory and other risks, including potential loss of the entire value of Payment.

Tokens are only for sophisticated purchasers who are knowledgeable and experienced in the features and risks of digital platforms, digital assets, blockchain technology and smart contracts. Potential purchasers should determine for themselves the relevance of the information contained in this document and related materials, in each case as supplemented from time to time, and the necessity for additional enquiry, research and professional advice. Any decision to participate in a token sale should be based upon such independent investigation and advice as you deem necessary. This document should not be considered as a recommendation by any person to participate in any token sale or digital platform.

In particular, you should not purchase any Tokens unless you have read and understood the terms and all other relevant materials and fully understand the Token Sale, including at least the following:

  • the nature and purpose of the Token Sale and its cryptographic context
  • the procedures required to purchase Tokens;
  • the nature and the extent of the risks to which you may be exposed by participating in the Token Sale or purchasing, holding, transferring or exchanging Tokens, including those set out in the Risk Disclosure; and
  • the regulatory, tax and accounting treatment of participating in the Token Sale and purchasing, holding, transferring or exchanging Tokens, as well as any other relevant implications.