Which NFL Head Coach will be Fired First?

Think you know who will be the first NFL head coach to be fired this season? If you do, then you can actually bet on it. Some sportsbooks are offering odds on which coach will bite the dust first this season. Let’s take a look at the leading contenders and their odds.

2–1 Dave Wannstedt, Miami — He is the leading candidate by far. The odds of him being the first coach fired this season are extremely low. With Ricky Williams’s retirement and David Boston’s injury, most people are giving the Dolphins little chance.

3–1 Dennis Erickson, San Franciso — It is only a matter of when, not if, for Erickson. He has always been in over his head in the Pros and the 49ers are going nowhere as long as he is there.

3–1 Jim Haslett, New Orleans — If the Saints get off to a tough start I would think that Haslett might be the first coach axed. Fans in New Orleans have had enough of all this potential with no results.

5–1 Marty Schottenheimer, San Diego — Here is another coach in deep trouble. His only advantage is that nothing, I mean nothing, is expected of this year’s team.

5–1 Butch Davis, Cleveland — Davis has molded the team into exactly what he wants. If Jeff Garcia can’t turn the Browns into winners this season then Davis may be on the way out.

7–1 Mike Martz, St. Louis — What have you done for me lately? Martz looks like an idiot on the sideline, coaches the same way, and it is only a matter of time before he is gone.

7–1 Mike Tice, Minnesota — The honeymoon is over for Tice at Minnesota. With all the offensive talent the Vikings have he must get them into the playoffs or he will probably be done.

8–1 Herman Edwards, New York Jets — Many people are predicting a big turnaround season for the Jets this year. If it doesn’t happen then Edwards could be in trouble.

8–1 Jack Del Rio, Jacksonville — Similar situation to the Jets. Many are picking this year’s Jaguars as the surprise team of the NFL. If they disappoint then Del Rio could be blamed.

All of the other NFL coaches are listed at 10–1 or higher. You want a long shot that could possibly be fired? How about Andy Reid in Philadelphia? I think Reid has done a good job there, but if the Eagles don’t reach the Super Bowl it will be considered a failure, and Reid could be to blame. He is 25–1.