We, initially began our research considering a variety of online videos platforms, how each can be utilised, and how why this information is important in a professional context. Our research identified that the boom of Web 2.0, cheaper and higher quality video production gear, increased access to editing software and higher speed internet have contributed to a greater ability to produce online video in greater numbers and of a higher quality. These online videos are then able to reach a larger audiences due to the interactivity of online video platforms, videos can be liked and shared by users and distributed by the creators across multiple platforms simultaneously, this provides users the opportunity to reach a large audience.

We then identified that it was important to consider how our chosen online video sharing platform, Instagram, is designed to publish video, what affordances it provides, and what constraints are enforced. Through our research and personal experience with the platform we identified some key considerations when authoring content for Instagram. One such consideration is the playback of video on the platform, Instagram videos play automatically when the video appears on screen however it will play without sound until it is clicked. A further consideration is the time constraint of 60 seconds in each video with a maximum of 10 videos in each post. We also learnt, that for the style of Instagram video we wanted to create, we would need to film and edit the videos using external software.

After gaining this understanding of Instagram video, we researched Emily Skye’s brand for our case study, and began to consider what videos we would author and publish. We decided to emulate Emily Skye’s video and branding on Instagram, in creating a fitness video reflecting the style she uses in hers. After presenting our case study we were assigned to complete two videos between 30 and 60 seconds. We decided it would be easier to split the workload by filming in our respective homes, rather than attempting to find a separate location where we could meet and film together, and whoever did not film would complete the majority of the editing. Tomasina and Hannah would each filmed a video, Tomasina filmed an outdoor, equipment free, workout focusing on core exercises, while Hannah filmed an indoor workout using dumbbells and barbells focusing on legs and arms. This provided diversity in both the visuals, and content of the videos we published. Following the filming, Hannah created a rough edit of her footage, then her and Tomasina added their footage for the drive. Brooke then edited the videos in more detail and added the music and text to them, this allowed for the videos to be consistent and maintain the same editing and text style throughout.

After we authored our videos we created an Instagram page that would emulate that of a fitness blogger who was trying to build a brand. We published our videos to Instagram, adding tags and links to relevant brands and writing descriptions that referenced the video itself and our fake wider brand.

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