BetDice Announcements (5–Dec)

EOSBTC, EOSETH, and EOSUSDT are coming!

We have partnered with BitPie, who will be creating these EOS-based coins, which will be pegged to BTC, ETH, and USDT, respectively. These tokens will be available for use in all our games on 12-Dec. They are also working on an API so the tokens can be swapped directly on our site!

Here’s a brief description of how the token swap will work:

The user deposits the corresponding currency into a specific gateway address. They will be issued an equal amount of the EOS-based coin. For example, a BTC deposit will give the same number of EOSBTC coins on EOS. The user can redeem their EOSBTC for BTC at any time. The cold wallet address will be publicized and managed by multi-sign, and the balance of the hot and cold wallet will be updated in real time on the website of our partner. The total balance of these two parts is equal to the circulation of BTC on EOS.

We have carefully considered this partnership with BitPie, and after much 
in-depth conversation with their team, we believe that we share similar goals. We will continue to cooperate closely with them, to foster growth in the EOS network as a whole. We will fully support and jointly promote these currencies.

Bitpie Profile:

Originating from the Bither team, the Bitpie team is made up of blockchain professionals and business experts from IT/ Financial industries around the world. With strong technical strength on blockchain and years of experience from operating the Bither wallet, Bitpie is devoted to becoming a service provider of safe asset management and broad blockchain application access to global users. With Bitpie, users can keep their asset 100% self-controllable while trading assets with others or using their assets in more upcoming scenarios. We attach great importance to asset safety, and have received a good reputation in this respect. Our bitcoin wallet “Bither” is listed among the wallets recommended by The world is shifting towards blockchain quickly, but exploring the blockchain world is not easy. We are working hard to make Bitpie as your key to the new world.

This partnership and these EOS-based coins are an important first step in being able to on-board users from outside of EOS. We will continue to work so that users will have the option to play without having to create their own EOS account.

Lynx Support

We are currently working on integrating Lynx support for our platform. This is currently in the testing phase, and should be available by the end of the week.

New Branding

Quick update, we’ve been continuing to work on our new branding. Once we are prepared to launch our new UI, we will be shortening our name to “Dice”. The look and feel of our platform will also have significant changes.

Here’s a preview of our new logo!

Blackjack Update

We are still on schedule to release Blackjack sometime next week. We will announce a specific date and time once we are able.

Roulette Animation Sneak-Peak

We are using a 3D engine to generate animations for Roulette!

BetDice Roulette Animation Preview

ZKSPlay to be supported

ZKSPlay is a decimal version of ZKS. Currently, ZKS does not support any decimal points, which makes the minimum wager higher than we prefer. ZKSPlay will solve this, and will allow users to play with lower wagers.

PRACandy Box

We will airdrop to PRACandy box in order to attract more new users. PRACandy box is working hard to combat bots and to ensure real users are claiming the tokens.

All tokens available on Sic Bo

You may now play Sic Bo with any tokens we have added to our platform.

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