Today, I am excited to announce that we have a new team member at Betegy.

In the soccer world, he is known as Bayern Ryan — the biggest Bayern Munich fan outside Bavaria.

Make no mistake — “THE BIGGEST” super fan. If you want to know why check this article about it him:

But not everyone knows that he has not only the profound knowledge of soccer but also an experience in sport social media. Ryan joins us to grow BETEGY presence in social media. We are all looking forward to new creative, interactive campaigns and exciting stories out there.

You can follow him here:

And, BTW, if you have ideas for our social media channels, drop Ryan a line to

Ryan, welcome and good luck.

Guys, exciting times! Today a new season kicks off. Not all of you have yet realised that Premier League is back. Historically, this counts to be the beginning of football action worldwide.

An accumulator is a bet that combines three or more selections into a single wager that gains a return only when all parts win. The advantage of an accumulator is that winnings are much higher at the expense of increased risk since total odds are multiplied.

Many of you heard that we’ve been working on the new feature called “Accumulator Generator” for a while. It took us some time to figure out how to make the best use of our system and create the tool which helps to generate a list of multiple bets one can combine into an accumulator.

Guys, the season slowly kicks-off and we can enjoy more games every week. We understand how hard it is to survive those 1,5 months without top European football, but this is a good time to extend your interest in football by following 15 leagues which we cover in summer.

The greatest stories in football have been written by underdogs. Just check last year in Premier League where Leicester City defied the odds (5.000:1) or Greece who won EURO 2014.

We had started to wonder if it’s just luck or there is something more? And here a big data analysis comes handy. We have used the power of our algorithm to verify correlations and historical patterns that stand behind the underdog’s winnings. Looking back, we have noticed that our system was always good in predicting such results, but we rarely made a use of it.

Until now

The idea is…


Let’s talk about chatbots. In 2016 we heard and read a lot about bots and artificial intelligence, about possibilities that they provide, usability in day-to-day life. In just a few months they become the next big thing as Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella called them.

You can find chatbots usefulness in every single aspect of your life: food, lifestyle, entertainment, news! And of course sport. Two years ago we’ve started to think about chatbots and how we can use it in order to offer something more to our customers. Back then chatbots were not so popular but we…

December is a time when we usually think of the past year, about successes, achievements and what could be done better. Looking back, for BETEGY 2016 was a fantastic year with lots of results.

New tools for our users!

Many of you have asked about the possibility of saving once chosen strategies to use them later in Picks & Value tool. The time has come!

First, you need to choose in Accuracy Tracker which Strategy works for you. Which leagues are you interested in? How high ROI would you like to achieve? Do you want to use one of those proposed by us, or create your own? After applying Strategy or set of Filters, click SAVE STRATEGY button and enter suitable name.

It is often said that football is unpredictable but as you already know we love challenges!

During last months, BETEGY Team was working on improving our Algorithm Recommendations and achieving higher accuracy. Now we can share our findings and results of one of the biggest updates to BETEGY Algorithm.

First of all, let us explain what exactly our main PRO feature is. It is a selection of the most probable predictions with highest projected ROI. The system analyses predictions, odds, the historical accuracy of particular prediction type and based on that proposes one of the recommendations: Home Win, 1x, Away…

Today’s lags are over! We’ve expanded our infrastructure to handle all the extra visits. Come by this weekend! :)

— — —

Before the update:


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