On The Grammys, Beyonce and Casual Racism on Social Media

So the Grammy’s aired this past weekend and everyone is talking about the Beyonce Album of the Year snub/scandal/whatever. In response, I have written this handy dandy, copy and pastable resource on how to respond to facebook posts from your white friends who have declared that there is no racial issue here, categorized by mood:


#fakenews #alternativefacts

Troll again:

*Citation needed


It is so brave of you, a middle class, middle-aged, white woman/man to post this. Adele should be allowed to quietly enjoy her award without having to think about the racial issues that are so unfoundedly being brought to light. How dare they ruin this for her! Boo!

Canadian polite:

I respectively disagree with this post, it’s supporters and the above comments.


What makes you think that you have the insight or the right to comment on a racial issue? Your opinion on Adele is not fact. The greatest thing about Adele is her expression of intersectional feminism, which you clearly do not share. Awards shows are racially biased. This has been proven time and time again. If you can’t wake up and see that the old white men running the world we live in are RACISTS maybe you need to read more. As for free speech, you are allowed to have an opinion on whatever you want. You are not allowed to state your opinion as fact. The casual racism and ignorance of your post (and many others, on many other issues) is what is creating the problematic world that surrounds us today and frankly, scares the crap out of me. Check your privilege. Get woke.

Lemonade never had a chance. It was too progressive, too feminist and too black.

Queen B for life.

Passive Agressive:

*unfollow posts from _____*

Saving your sanity and taking a stand:

*unfriend on social media and real life*

**written in response to a facebook post that used the phrase “pulling the race card”.

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