We’re well into 2019 and if you didn’t make any resolutions around your social media marketing, now’s the time.

Social media can feel like a constantly changing, overwhelming thing that you know your business needs but you just can’t face diving into it.

That’s what this short list aims to…

Almost 90 years ago a British economist suggested that, by now, machines would have freed people from laborious work.

John Maynard Keynes said that “automatic machinery and the methods of mass production” would allow us to work a 15-hour week.

While he wasn’t predicting the internet revolution, since the invention…

Take a look at your phone, tablet or recently visited web pages.

Do they include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn?

Yes, Pinterest is social media. So is YouTube.

83% of adults are on social media in the UK.

32.5 million people aged 18–54 use Facebook. The fastest growth is…

It’s awful. You’ve just had a baby and when you look at him or her you are so filled with love but when you look at anyone else you think you might die.

I think, probably, lots of people told me about sleep deprivation. I certainly worried about it before…

When I was on maternity leave I found exercise really helped my sanity. I also made some lovely friends and enjoyed my body feeling stronger and more flexible. …

Tools of the trade

Are you sitting comfortably?

I started writing this halfway through the Digital Mums Social Media Management course. Reading those diary entries now, some of it is really raw. I have had an amazing experience, I feel like I have grown as a person, regained confidence I didn’t realise I had lost, and learned so…

Beth Howe

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