How my heart`s writing works
Daniël van der Velden

Daniel, how beautifully you have expressed about yourself with this very brave openness. And thank you for expressing my part in your story’s unfoldment; I feel honored to be a part of it indeed!

There is so much I sense about you, about your life, and about your purpose on this Earth planet! For some very real reason I was supposed to see your writing and respond as I have … time and again. There is so much I could tell you that continues to reveal itself to me with nearly every word you write. But I have no way of doing so under the circumstances of this platform for writing.

Perhaps you should know that I am less understood (but not disliked) than you feel you have been; always has it been so … and I am not chronologically young according to Earth years. However, there is a purpose for my being on this planet at this time … as is true for you. If I can serve as just one of your many reader guides on this your life journey, then perhaps that is all I am supposed to do. I never know. I only respond according to what is in my heart … and what I am led to do from the heart center. In this we are very much alike.

As a final statement: I highlighted what you said about finishing Sage’s business for him if he is indeed you in a previous life. You have hit on the very key to reincarnation! Congratulations!

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