My One Hundred-Plus Men

Beth Stormont
Nov 5 · 2 min read

. . . a story of Love

Yes, there were actually one hundred-plus
men who declared their love to me
(. . . I stopped counting after 100
— I do not mean to be bragging.)

They were from all walks of life
and the intro was usually similar
— upon entering a public place
a quick sensing of attraction . . .

a prolonged glance across the room
a sudden bonding with the eyes
— (the windows of the soul) —
gestures for further acquaintance.

They said I gave a ‘come-on’ —
perhaps I did give a ‘come-on’
but not for intimacy of body to body
but for the intimacy of soul to soul.

They did not understand — -
they could not understand
. . . our intents were so very
different from one another!

They all declared their love
with those three simple words
‘I love you’ — words that have
the ability to change the world . . .

but my world could not be changed
except by the purest of love —
and so they declared and tried
but they received something different.

It was a time when the world
was full of replicas of Don Juan
a time that the high tech wizards
of today could never understand.

No more glances across the room . . .
no more being seen at all when entering!
— only seen is the computer on the table
or the intent focus on the mobile in the hand.

Gone is the pleasure of enticement
and the excitement of real bonding—
all that remains is emotional emptiness
and the loss of the beauty of connection.

Those one hundred-plus men may not have
received the response they originally desired
but they received something far greater —
an expressing and connection of
. . . the deepest human love possible!

Beth Stormont

Written by

Philosophic observer and poet of life experiences; mystic; college professor and professional Classical musician; lover of deep simplicity.

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