Hardwired for Glory

The Fight Against Ourselves

Have you ever thought about why we always encourage one another to do our best? We strive to get the best grades, to have the most friends, to go to the best college, to pick the best career, to be the best athlete, to have the best kids, to be the best parents, and much more. But why? What’s the big deal? Paul David Tripp says, “Human beings are hardwired for glory because they were hardwired for God. The glory orientation that’s inside of every person is meant to drive us to God.” So, it’s natural. However, oftentimes we point our drive for glory right back at ourselves. Nina Dobrev, a star of The Vampire Diaries, has been reportedly transitioning from television star to a celebrity fitness expert.

Jackalz states that Dobrev is “doing whatever it takes to stay active in the entertainment industry.” Dobrev’s drive for glory is causing her to take this next step so that she can continue to be in the spotlight and experience glory for herself. As young adults trying to find our way in this world, we so easily forget God and focus on doing whatever it takes to receive the glory we long for. It is easy to become distracted by the things that make us look good or feel good because we are made with that drive for glory. In the midst of this glory struggle, we must remember that this glory we are seeking does not belong to us! Revelation 19:1 reminds us of this saying, “I heard a loud voice in heaven saying, ‘Alleluia! Salvation and glory and honor and power belong to the Lord our God!’” God deserves the glory. It belongs to Him!

Unfortunately, when we do forget that all glory belongs to God, and we begin searching after glory for ourselves, we often fail because the glory does not belong to us. We may be successful for a while and be happy with where we are, but because we are sinful and taking what is not ours, it will eventually fail us. Whether we are searching for glory in sports, music, relationships, academics, or, in Dobrev’s case, fame, there will come a point where we come to the end of ourselves and fail as a result of imperfection. Whether this failure is evident or hidden in our emotions and thoughts, it always occurs when our glory is misdirected.

The good news is that we don’t have to end as a failure! God can use our abilities in sports, music, relationships, academics, and fame to bring glory to Him. In fact, that is what we are designed to do! As young adults, we can ask ourselves what exactly we can do with our abilities that will bring glory to God. When we seek Him and His glory, He will not only be with us, but he promises to strengthen, protect, and uphold us. The search for glory and the feeling of failure will disappear when we direct our glory drive towards the one who deserves it and to whom it belongs. Then, we will finally find true success, peace, rest, satisfaction, and joy! Praise God!