The War Against Pleasure

Time and time again we, as sinners, get caught up in the pleasures of this world. When this happens, it is easy for us to place the blame on something other than ourselves. We blame our friends and the influence that have on us, we blame our corrupted society, we blame our parents for the way they raised us, but how often do we actually take the blame for ourselves? How often do we admit that we are wrong and need help? You see, none of us have a pure heart. None of us will ever “get it right” on this side of eternity.

I titled this entry “The War Against Pleasure” because we are always struggling against the things that bring us the most pleasure. Whether that may be alcohol, gossip, drugs, sex, or food, we struggle because the things in which we are seeking pleasure cannot give us what we truly need. Former Baywatch star, David Hasselhoff, has recently shared about the ups and downs of his life. He shared about a time when he was struggling with alcoholism and did not realize how bad it was until his daughter took a video of him acting out in a drunken episode. Upon seeing this video, Hasselhoff realized the problem that he had, but still saw the alcohol as the problem. He comments that this gave him the motivation to get back on the wagon, but admits to struggling with relapses over the years.

In this example we see how Hasselhoff struggled against alcoholism, but could not see himself as the problem. As a result he continued in this struggle because he was blind to his own sins. Paul David Tripp comments in his book Sex and Money, “When you tell yourself that the problem is not you. . . when you minimize the dangerous impurity that still lives inside of you, you don’t seek the help that you desperately need . . . Because of this, you set yourself up to be seduced and deceived once again” (52). You see, Hasselhoff’s problem was himself and his imperfect heart, not the alcohol or anything else. As sinners we need to be aware of our imperfect state. We must be careful not to blame the pleasures of this world that we are so easily attracted to, because when we do not acknowledge our sin, have a change of heart, and admit our great need for the true Savior, Jesus Christ, we continue on in the war against pleasure.