How to quit sabotaging your fitness goals and create a daily habit

Nov 16, 2019 · 4 min read

I was the person who kept paying to the gym I never went to. I snoozed the alarm clock that rang for a morning run. I would buy a bike to go to work but never use it. I even hired a personal trainer, but found all the excuses not to workout with him.

Now, after years of daily running and working out, loving how I feel and my physique, I look back and understand where did I wrong.

This is how you can change.

Focus on lifting weights rather than losing weight

Focus on building more muscle instead of decreasing the number on the scale. The way people train and eat is also often similarly focused on making things disappear. They cut calories and various macronutrients down to lowest levels, and then they cut out all variety and in their training, going for repetitive cardiovascular training. Unfortunately, something else that is vital to making a lasting transformation also disappears in this — muscle tissue.

Sacrificing muscle in the name of weight loss is one of the biggest mistakes you can make, says David Sandler, a renowned strength coach at iSatori.

“Building solid muscle will help far more with your transformation than trying to just knock out a few carbs and overdo it on cardio,” says Sandler. Muscle tissue, is a more “biologically active” tissue than fat. It burns nearly four times the calories simply by existing!

Muscle is also demanding. Building it and keeping it requires that you eat right, train hard, commit to a healthy lifestyle. The rewards of this combination provides in terms of quality of life, athletic performance, and overall health are far greater than simply “losing weight”.

Challenge Yourself

If you have a reason to snooze the morning alarm clock and not to go to gym, you’re not challenging yourself enough. If you can comfortably read a book on the console of a cardio machine or you tend to flip through pages between weight-lifting sets, you’re also not challenging yourself at all!

Exercise that burns optimal calories and overloads your body requires your daily commitment and full attention. When your focus is split, you can’t give it your all, your muscle building progress slows down and injury risk increases.

You can find a training partner to make you go to gym daily. However, that person has to be someone you feel accountable for and who can push you. Bethabit is also a great solution. You can risk a monthly amount to get it back if you workout consistently. Not only you will miss no days at all, you will train better while you video record yourself.

For the workout, you have to force your body to achieve new levels by creating challenging routines. You should perform supersets, longer sessions, more sessions or incorporate higher levels of intensity to your existing exercise routines. Your body should never get used to a standard routine, you should challenge it consistently. For men, I would strictly recommend doing Greg Plitt workouts. For women, I would recommend someone like him, who can give you motivation with challenging workouts.

See it no different than brushing your teeth

You have to make working out a habit. However you shouldn’t say to yourself that you must exercise first thing in the morning, at this particular intensity, for this duration, etc. You just have to do it as you brush your teeth in the morning; without caring too much about it and without putting pressure on yourself.

Every morning; I wake up, I look at my mobile phone, I check my email, I brush my teeth, I dress and go for a workout. In this order. As I don’t say to myself that I must brush my teeth, I don’t say that I must workout. I just do it because it’s a habit. I have no feelings about it anymore. It’s just an automatic task that my brain does.

Before though, I used to snooze the alarm clock. I found every excuse not to workout. It wasn’t easy to change so I created my working out habit by challenging myself. Then, once my body got used to it, I took the pressure out and started seeing it no different from brushing my teeth. This simple shift has made the habit less about self-control and more about a daily task I do. It works perfectly well.

So this is my body transformation. It gets better and it will get better because I act very different than before.

Can you transform your body? I challenge you that you can.




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