One of the things that come to our minds as individuals when we hear the word “*RELATIONSHIP*” is

Boy+Girl — — — Sex, romance, etc.

In my own opinion,

RELATIONSHIP is deeper than sex, romance and what else we call it to be. Relationship is what exist between God and man, between a man and his fellow man, between a man and his family, between people, between nations.

Relationship is what we build, invest in, input our best in, is what bring out the best in us, it also helps us to grow and deal with our weaknesses.


RELIABILITY ; think of it like this “how many people can really rely on you?”

EXEMPLARY LIVING ; “the kind of life you living, is it worth following?”

LOYALTY ; “will you be able and willing to be faithful and committed?”

AVAILABILITY ; “when you are needed, will be there? Notwithstanding the circumstances.

TRUSTWORTHINESS ; can you trust and be trusted? Like I said earlier “*TRUST*” is the bedrock of a relationship

INNOVATIVE ; will you be able to bring new ideas to spice up your relationship?

OBSERVANT ; as a friend it is our duty to look out for one another and see if there are things that need to be addressed in one another’s life.

NATURAL ; openness is very keen to a relationship, if you are not comfortable around a person you call a friend, then I don’t know what you call that.

SINCERITY ; being sincere and open at all times go hand in hand in a relationship, we should try that out in our relationships.

HUMILITY ; some will say “am a man the woman supposed to humble herself to me, my dear it doesn’t work that way.

INTEREST ; we should be able to see ourselves in the interest of one another, if I don’t buy what you are interested in and you don’t buy mine then we are not in any way near friends.

POLITENESS ; most of it all we should try our best to be polite. Even if we are correcting one another, it should be in a polite manner with love.

To me, this is what relationship is all about, if we can live by this, am sure the world will be a better place for all of us.

Please don’t say “SHE HAS SAID IT ALL”. Air your view, there is room for comments.


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