What I have learned for myself or from others: Shoes

So I have been putting myself through this journey of what is means to be a proper young lady. So this past weekend being the holiday weekend for Utah I make my way into a shoe shop. Not just any shoe shop but a shop for ladies and gentlemen. A shop where you can go for business or dress casual. All I knew is that it was shop where you could buy ladies and gentlemen clothing.

I explained to the lady that I was going through an experiment where I was putting myself through a process to be a lady. I have a been a tomboy my whole life so heels, clothes, makeup, and other fashion trends were all new to me.

The receptionist thought that I needed a lesson in heels. Now I have a couple pair but I don’t wear them often and they are “safe” wedges or thick heels. Not very tall or grand. The receptionist gave me a pair of heels to try on. She gave me my first lesson in heel wearing. I thought I was wearing them correctly all the this time but I wasn’t. What I have learned,

  1. Posture is important. I had my back straight and shoulders back while standing but when I started to walk that was a different story. My knees were bent the wrong way and when trying to walk my hips were not rocking from side to side correctly. So keep knees and back straight with shoulders back.
  2. Confidence. She didn’t have to teach me this but it was obvious that when you walk in heels or any other pair of shoe you need to walk with confidence. That means head up and eyes looking where you want to go. I must admit that I have a problem with this one. I am use to my head being down because I don’t have a lot of confidence. But after wearing my first pair of really high heels I believe I can accomplish anything.
  3. Not everyone should be in high heels. Each heel should match the person wearing them. Plus if you don’t know how to wear them in the first place don’t try to at all. I have actually seen girls and women walking down the streets and it looks like they are about to topple over because the heel they are wearing is too high. So don’t think the heel is in fashion if you can’t pull it off.

I didn’t go into much detail about color and clothes just yet but I did take notes and can’t wait for my lessons to continue but also learn for myself what it means to be sophisticated and fashionable.

The journey has begun.