Our hands interlocked we walk through the labyrinth together. We fight the demons and pain lurking around every corner, protecting each other’s weaknesses and blind spots.

As battered, bruised and broken as we were, we held strong. The reason, we wanted to protect each other and stay together. We had lost everyone else we loved, we weren’t going to lose each other, not now, not ever. We were invincible, as long as we were together, nothing could tear us apart.

At least that is what I believed, until we came to the darkest and most evil challenge in the labyrinth. The Split of Hell. No one had ever made it past safety before.

Gripping onto each other tightly, we began to walk cautiously over. A pair of dark shadows emerged from our shadows. Their image the same as our own only, they were filled with darkness. Laughing hysterically a storm of thick grey and green fog, came charging towards us. On instinct, I released my hand from hers, I had to protect her it is my job as her older sister. She was all I had left, the only one to guide me through this hellish labyrinth and keep me sane.

Sensing no danger, I went to go grab back onto her hand, but I couldn’t find it. Fear swept through me like a cold breeze, threatening to drown me. Suddenly, a sharp screeching scream came from my left, I sprinted towards it screaming my little sisters name. Tripping every several paces, I eventually found what looked like her shadow.

I chased after the running shadow calling out for her to wait for me to catch up. After what felt like hours the fog cleared, I smiled crying out “I can see the exit we’re safe, we’re going to make it out together!”

I looked around for her, only to find a message written in red reading ‘You have forever lost your other half, leave forever broken’

Screaming out in agony, I ran from the exit back into the labyrinth screaming out my sisters name. A huge stabbing pain erupting through my heart. Ignoring the pain, I cry out for her, pleading for her to be safe. Hating myself for being fooled by a shadow and leaving her alone. I was meant to protect her!

I turn the corner, a huge crimson red puddle on the ground where I last saw her. I run towards it, tumbling down into a deep dark hole. My eyes clouded over, I give up. What’s the point of going on without her? My body slowly changed, as I screamed out in pain, I grew horns, tail and wings and became another mindless demon that lurked the labyrinth. Waiting for the next victims, not to harm them but stop them from moving into danger. I became the darkness that destroyed both humans and demons alike. I became lost in the labyrinth.

My Little Sister, you are my map to life without you I am Lost in the labyrinth of my mind, surrendering to my inner demon I would lose my loved ones and myself. Therefore, I dedicated this story to you.