Solid Dudes

Oh, how am I not surprised the comments are full of dudes shitting on the author. You are blasting her because of her author photo and she isn’t interested in everything you deem fascinating? OK. I guess you’ve never taken a selfie ever and think every topic is just so wondrous, how dare her small little mind not agree.

I came from the Vox version which feels a little more polished, but I do think this hits on the key issue in dating for both men and women: the chaotic, dramatic, impulsive relationship is seen as the one with life when really that relationship is unstable and either will blow up or -become- the stable (but ‘boring’) relationship. This notion that if you are creative, you’re innately unstable and it’s part of the artist “charm” is bullshit too. You’ll never tour if you don’t show up for practice.

To the guys in the bitter nice-guy-rejection-camp: she is actively writing about what we’ve been taught to desire (douchebags) and how in the end that will likely not make most of us happy; literally championing your cause. But definitely tear her down because at one point she felt differently and wrote about maturing from that point, good show.

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