It’s Much Easier Than You Think to Live the Life You Want
Isaac Morehouse

This is something I would have written while I was traveling the world and doing all kinds of weird, but fun, jobs. And then after a year of doing that and having the best times in beautiful places and meeting awesome people, I realized it would be EVEN BETTER if I had enough passive income that I wasn’t required to work, but could choose to work on things or take off for three months and come back to a nice, fully paid for apartment in a city that I enjoyed. In short, I started thinking about the long term. And when you do that, it can make sense to get a big salary in a city that you don’t love, so that you can build something bigger and longer lasting than just doing odd jobs online indefinitely. A job is trading your time and talents for something you want, use it well, just don’t let it use you. ☺

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