Gender Identity and the Battle for Language

Language is in flux right now because the socio-cultural “battle” over trans identity is in flux. (It’s not really a battle. The fact that reactionary figures and legislatures are desperately running restrictive trans-Jim-Crow legislation up the flag poll demonstrates that trans persons are visible and beginning to assert our rightful place, when, just a few years ago, we were totally excluded from any acknowledgement. The best indication that a bully has lost his hold over you is his holding a rally with other bullies to whine that they can’t bully anymore — i.e., …

Early in our marriage, 30+ years ago, I wrote a poem for Pam’s birthday that I called “Blessed Pamalyn’s Day.” What I’ve learned after nearly 38 years of relationship with Pamalyn Reneé Rose Beeler is that every day is her day.

Yes, she’s had some bummer days in recent years when two dear friends of ours died, ups and downs with life and career, and, to be sure, the Rona ain’t been no picnic.

But every day really is her day-for she makes it so by her love, steadfastness, beauty, incredible intelligence, and joie de vivre.

How the University of Dallas Shrouds Truth and Justice

I sent an open letter and to the University of Dallas (UD) and The Catholic Diocese of Dallas about the incendiary statements against a trans person by UD Politics Chair, David Upham. To this date, UD’s and Bishop Burns’ only response has been to say that UD upholds Catholic teaching.

Signed, Sealed …

UD and Bishop Burns offered nothing in terms of affirming the safety and integrity of trans persons on UD’s campus, which is a barren, un-pregnant silence, considering UD’s motto:

How Writing A Letter About the University of Dallas’ LGBTQ-Hatred Is A Life Worth Living

Originally published at on January 31, 2021.

Ten days ago, I launched myself, again, against bullies. It’s a trope for me since birth, as recounted in my memoir, , and in my follow-up to be published later this year, Trans Quality: How Trans Experience Affirms the World.

I don’t seek out bullies. However, because, throughout my days, I’ve found they’ll body-slam me whether or not I encourage it, I pick my moments. The experience has taught me that it doesn’t have to be a battle at all. The bullies want a battle. I want to live my life unmolested…

Voting for Trump—Is This What You Really Want?

A Facebook friend today posted the following:

Another Facebook friend responded :

If You Don’t Want A God Who’s A Whore, It Might Say Something About You (and not the Beloved)

Most of us have heard of a sea monster swallowing Jonah and spitting him out. The tale persists because of what it ultimately says about us. We can’t stand a god who’s a whore. But buying a trick is the only love we’ll take.

We can’t stand a god who’s a whore. But buying a trick is the only love we’ll take.

The Beloved tells Jonah to warn the Ninevites (ancient Assyrian tyrants who inhabited a Gotham City, the ruins of which dot modern-day Mosul in northern Iraq) of their impending destruction. Jonah promptly flees. …

Not All of Us Transition to Our Better Angel

Novels are not biographies of their author. Yet, as the product of heart/mind/soul, a novel does reflect aspects of its author. While my novels are not me, they wouldn’t be my novels without me. Reading a novel, we look over the shoulder of the writer and see what they don’t see … because they’re too busy writing.

(Spoiler Alert: Things Will Be As Good as We Dare Imagine)

We’re so earnest right now. ’Cuz we’re supposed to be. But the girl in this vid-loop is not doing a “s’posed to.” Fuckin’ Chucky bit her in the head.

Fuckin’ CoVID-19/the Economy/[insert here] Bit Us in the Head

Under stress, we keep only one thing in our minds. For some, stress or not, that’s their regular way of functioning (unfortunately, a few of them are elected officials). Some of us can keep only the economy in frontal view. For others, it’s the virus. For still others, it’s our latest nightmare.

The “one thing” is the “s’posed-to” that Chucky Girl tells to fuck off.

We Never Lost Our Imagination

In Untamed, Glennon Doyle notes…

Help Out Those Who Can’t Work From Home!

You may have seen the FB post pictured below.

We’re all in this together—whether you get CoVID-19 or not.

It’s tremendously laudable to quarantine yourself—and not just for yourself but because you want to contain the spread of CoVID-19, keeping it especially away from the most vulnerable folks (those immunosuppressed, very young wee ones, seniors, and medical-care providers on the front lines).

even a month-long medically-necessary containment can spell bankruptcy for those who wield the all-in-one title of CEO/Bean-Counter/Janitor

Where’ve Ya Been?

For instance, Pam and I were in Manhattan in mid-February, then at a Colorado Avalanche hockey game at the very beginning…

Bethany Beeler • Author/Artist

Author of North Street Book Prize Finalist, How to NOT Know You’re Trans., and artist. Her work has been published in The Twinbill.

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