Trans Women Terrify the Established Order

On this month’s third anniversary of Christine Blasey Ford’s courageous testimony, I paused to wonder what might have happened if that brave woman had had Medusa with her.

Then I realized, she did.

Kavanaugh & Blasey Ford at the 2018 Hearings, courtesy NBC & Teen Vogue.

The Rape of Medusa

Medusa was a beautiful mortal whom the god Poseidon raped, then Athena punished by turning her hair into snakes and making her glance turn living creatures into stone.

Let no survivor go unpunished, seems to have been the motto of the Greek gods.

Two Pictures Tell A Story

Which one of the visages of Kavanaugh and Ford above would more likely to turn you to stone?

Through the last 3,000 years, the…

In Which Trans “Euphoria” Is Not What You Think

The other day I was in a funk of depression, and Pam asked me, “Has the thrill of being Bethany faded for you?”

Gender dysphoria is not depression.

Pam was concerned, as anyone who has lived with depression and with someone who suffers depression would be. Many have celebrated the euphoria of coming out trans versus the dysphoria of living as someone they’re not. But let’s get this straight — gender dysphoria is not depression.

Out in the Cold

Coming out trans and living as who I am makes me no less susceptible to depression than it makes me to getting a cold. Gender…

Men Must Account for Rape — Not the Scapegoat Du Jour

So, I’ve gotten this comment both in-person and via social media regarding trans women in public restrooms:

A cis man could shave his face, put on women’s clothing and go into the women’s restroom pretending to be a trans woman when in fact he is a cis male sex offender getting access to the cis women’s restroom so that he can sexually assault cis women. Are you able to address my concern?

The question at the end demands that trans folk owe an answer. We don’t. …

We’re What’s Needed Right Now

0.3–0.6% of the population is transforming the world.

Credit: Amy J. Ko

Not in terms of numbers, mind you. We’re doing it by being ourselves.

Being forthrightly, unapologetically trans shines light on how everyone journeys to their true selves.

In witnessing one trans person’s experience, the rest of the world discovers that their own experience of reality matters. Being forthrightly, unapologetically trans shines light on how everyone journeys to their true selves.

No human being feels complete. So, we all chase security via religion, politics, money, you name it. …

Relationships in gender transition face heart-rending challenges.

When I began transitioning, I had to face the very real possibility that Pam and I would separate and divorce. Was transitioning something I had to do even if it might end our life-giving relationship?

To Transition or Not/To Stay Together or Not

Soon, I realized that everything was changing. Telling Pam what I was learning about myself (how could I not tell her?) changed our bond, whether or not I transitioned. If we split, we would live with the relationship that once was but now wasn’t. If we stayed together, who would we be to ourselves and to each other?

Pam and I didn’t face the possibility

Are You Emerging or Receding?

As I mentioned in my last post, this Saturday, I took part in a street-pastel art festival where I both did chalk art and sold my books and paintings for a worthy cause.

Some Recede

At the crack of dawn as Pam and I set up our booth where the organizer told us to be, a woman emerged from the gallery behind us and said, “You’re going to move because we own this spot and this is our 30 feet.”

I looked at the sidewalk and city parking lot and said, “Um, this is public right of way, and the organizers told…

Trans Art Is the Art of Freedom

Benefitting Alternatives to Violence

I’ve been an artist all my life. From my earliest age, I could draw whatever came into my head or draw subjects from sight. I nurtured that gift into my early 20s.

Then I stopped.

A Fortress in Which to Live — and Die

As a young adult, I built a container that bore all the insignia and flags of the fortress I thought I needed to face the world. Problem was, when I’d perfected that presidio, I had no clue who was the me imprisoned in it.

I built a fortress to face the world … but I had no clue who was the me imprisoned in it.

Trans Man, Trans Woman, Trans Author, All Human

To you I am neither Man nor Woman — I come before you as an Author only — it is the sole standard by which you have a right to judge me — the sole ground on which I accept your judgement.Charlotte Brontë

I’ve been a writer ever since I learned to read. But I didn’t publish anything till after I transitioned, since which I’ve published nine books, written 15 short stories and 44 poems, blogged weekly, and done 100+ paintings and an art show. …

In Which Fantasy Transforms Reality

Free Guy (& Gal), from Twentieth Century Films

Fantasy not only asks “What if things didn’t go on just as they do?” but demonstrates what they might be like if they went otherwise — thus gnawing at the very foundation of the belief that things have to be the way they are.
Ursula K. Le Guin

Trans folk are told by religious fundamentalists and TERFs that we engage in fantasy.

Guilty as charged.

I’m not saying that all fantasies are inherently trans but that trans experience and fantasy are, as Le Guin notes, inherently and redeemingly subversive.

Fantasy is not a denial of reality but an indictment…

I Never Thought I’d Write A Fairy Tale, But My Life — and Yours — Is One

All my life, I’ve envisioned myself as a novelist. Much to my surprise, then, that my most popular title is non-fiction. I’m up to write in most genres, but I previously vowed I would never write a children’s book.

Famous last vows, ‘cuz I just published a children’s book (The King Whose Armor Didn’t Fit).

Myths are for the gods. Fairy tales are for us.

In my TransQuality: How Trans Experience Affirms the World, I include a TL:DR fairy tale that allegorizes my life (related in more detailed, real-life fashion in my memoir, How to NOT Know You’re Trans). Fairy…

Bethany Beeler • Author & Artist

Author of North Street Book Prize Finalist, How to NOT Know You’re Trans, and artist. Her work has been published in The Twinbill.

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