I’m sitting on pins and needles!

What do do when overwhelmed.

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My sister who essentially manages our family details is at the hospital. She was due today, and after having the easiest, healthiest pregnancy, she ended up with eclampsia. They never even caught it. Eclampsia can cause death for Mothers, let’s just leave it at that. She had an emergency C-Section which was not on the birthing plan, and she’s attempting to recover, yet the labs aren’t looking better just yet.

Since my sister usually is the one to take care when anyone is in need for our 7 person family, she chose not to inform us of anything until she had the C-Section because she didn’t want anyone to be worrying. Even still, in this moment, it’s like pulling teeth to get the real facts of what’s happening at the hospital, and she doesn’t want us there.

This situation is really testing my A-Type personality who wants to be in control instead of sitting on the sidelines attempting to let go and send healing, peaceful, loving thoughts and prayers her way.

I’m sure my heart rate has spiked a couple of times in the past 24 hours, and my anxiety, as well as emotions, have definitely been taking their toll on me. The question is… What do I do in this situation? I do what I do best, I pray for miracles and…

My Thought To You:
When found in a situation that you have no control over and are feeling overwhelmed, do your best to take a pause and state the following mantra while focusing in on your breath and body:

“I’m a vehicle for peace and harmony.”

Say it 10x as you tap through each finger while taking relaxing breaths. You can interchange the words to love, health, or whatever is needed at that moment.

Recent Miracles:
- Was with someone who got stung, is allergic to bee’s, and typically swells up needing doctor’s care. I did my thing, and the swelling only got to be the size of a half dollar coin!
- After my client received paperwork of a decline for a mortgage, I knew my clients vision, did the co-creation with them, and the bank randomly changed their mind and sent them an approval 2 months later. They assumed it was over and didn’t even contact the bank in between!
- Plane tickets were the highest I’ve seen them yet at $400–500+ to Portland from Los Angeles for the holiday, and randomly I was about to give in, but went to one last site and found tickets for $147… I trusted there was a better price and found them!


- Check out one of my in-depth interviews here at #TheRewireSummit Here:
- A friend of mine who loves my paintings and even once had sponsored an art show for me has been taking care of her Father for the past two years after a freak accident. He sadly just passed, and she ended up losing her home in the process of spending everything on care for her Dad. I want to support so, I’m contributing 20% of all art sales from to her cause for the month of July. Please share this with all your art loving friends!

You know where to go if you need extra miracles in your life!

~Wishing you peace~

Bethany Londyn
Creator of Miracle in 30 | Educator of Intuition

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