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Imagine you got whatever you want…

Last week the article I shared on launch day from MindBodyGreen.com went viral receiving over 911 shares in less than 24 hours! This brought in opportunities, and even led me to the founder of the Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington, and her new mindfulness company, Thrive Global. I was beyond ecstatic to hear from her. The miracles are everywhere!

You see, I’m constantly searching and seeking for the magic on a daily basis. This allows me to recognize them everywhere and be in a complete state of gratitude when they arrive.

Even in the healing of a hip and back pain that’s been a constant for almost a year now. Eventually, I recognized how much I was fighting it and decided to surrender to my own healing miracle practice. Don’t know why it took me so long to figure this out! Anyways, I surrendered to my healing process and… BOOM! The pain was instantly gone.

God does say “Ask and you shall receive”, doesn’t he?

There is a huge amount of faith and trust involved in the receiving of miracles, no matter what it is that you believe in. Even if it’s as simple as Divine Energy. There is a need to trust it here, so that your faith will work with you.

My thought to you…

Contemplate your ability to surrender into trusting that the magic of miracles is here for you to receive. Knowing this will get those miracles headed in your direction.

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Have a beautiful finish to your week!

Bethany Londyn
Creator of Miracle in 30 | Educator of Intuition