Photo Credit: Danielle Maccine Wish

Wishes. They Do Come True.


My latest art piece, titled “Wish”, is infused with the intentions of miracles and is now available for purchase. I created it for the launch of my latest coaching product, “Miracles in 30”.

What I create in my paintings usually comes to me in a vision, or I experience it somewhere in nature. I’m also a firm believer in the power of 3’s. Three events that seemingly occur randomly but are all related to something I’ve been thinking about, I view as being a sign to take action.

I was on a hike with my boyfriend in the Pacific Palisades along the Pacific Ocean and we came upon some dandelions. We tried and tried again to get the best shot of me blowing on these beautiful wishes, but I’ve got to be honest… it was a fail! What was interesting is that the next day, I came across a picture of the perfect dandelion near an elevator in a hotel lobby. My curiosity was piqued and I took a picture of it.

Wishing, Praying

Later that day, I noticed another one… the funniest part about this one was that it was a little baby dandelion already in my home, and in my bedroom! I rarely stare into my own paintings, yet this day the little girl blowing the wish was speaking loud and clear to me. She had been painted by my talented friend Ruben Rojas of the @beautifyearth project. Here is the mural version on a wall.

That experience you have when you find a car that you want to buy, and then all of a sudden start to notice them everywhere… this is what was happening with my dandelions; they were everywhere!

Painted over powerful words

Finally, the day came, when I created my “Wish” painting. Knowing that I use my art as intentional manifestation pieces, similar to my use of Feng Shui, I chose to do this piece around the launch of my “Miracle in 30” with the intention of miracles for all. I am now making it available to you, with the hope that the beautiful soul who ends up with it enjoys endless miracles of fulfilled wishes.

I’m not making prints, this is an original piece and you can purchase here: 12 x 36 for $800


Bethany Londyn

In it’s element. Changing the space.

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