3 Ways to FEEL prosperous now

Prosperity is more of an overall attitude and feeling.


The more we have in our daily lives regardless of circumstances or how much money is in the bank, the more prosperity we will attract into our lives.

Being rich is relative.

To some people $20,000 in their savings account would make them feel like they won the lottery and to a millionaire if they had only $20,000 in their savings account, they might freak out in panic.

One thing is for sure, you get to choose your perspective about what makes you FEEL rich, because it’s an attitude, it’a way of seeing money. It’s your relationship with your resources that matters, not how much.

To have a feeling of overall prosperity, feeling rich is part of the equation.

Feeling like you have more than enough, an abundance of love, money, happiness, time, creativity, and peace.

It’s not JUST about money, although money can be a big part of it.

Here are my favorite 3 ways to feel prosperous NOW:

1.Play the part.

Get dressed in your best, the kind of clothes you would wear if you had your shit together.

If you had all the clients, if you had made the big sale and be in that energy NOW.

Then go to a beautiful hotel (like the Four Seasons) and have a cup of coffee. Sit in the lobby, bring your laptop and work if they have wifi, if not, bring your journal and journal about how you are worthy and deserving of having luxury, beauty, and all of your hearts desires.

Hang out order some coffee or tea (it’s probably $5–10) and just feel like you fit in and you are supposed to be there.

Often times in fancy hotels or luxurious settings if you are working through a scarcity mindset, you might feel like you aren’t supposed to be there, like an imposter.

Forget that.

You BELONG there.

Repeat that mantra in your head if you have to.

Practice what it would feel like to belong at the four seasons, order something, feel like you a queen and this is where you belong.

2.Visualize your success.

If you can’t make it to the four seasons today, you can try this one.

Identify what a goal of yours is that if you achieved it, it would make you feel like a boss.

Now set the scene of this goal happening in your life.

What would it feel like, how would you be acting, how would you interact with people on daily basis, what would you be thinking if it already happened, how would you look at yourself?

Write this all down and play around with feeling that way NOW.

What would you do if you had hit that goal?

Focus more on how it would make you feel.

Set a timer for 5 minutes and just meditate on this picture and feeling. Let yourself fully feel the feeling of achieving your goal.

3.Be wonder woman for 2 minutes.

Stand in front of a mirror and place your hands on your hips with your legs spread apart, set a timer for 2 minutes and say a your affirmations.

I am a money magnet, I am confident, My life is getting better and better, I attract the most amazing people into my life everyday, things are always working out for me, the universe has my back everyday.

Whatever your affirmations are, say them.

Doing this wonder woman pose increases your testosterone and physiologically increases your confidence. If you want to know more about the science behind it, check out this ted talk.

Try it!

These are tried and true ways of snapping yourself out of a funk and into a state of feeling prosperous no matter what your circumstance.

Circumstances come and go, only your state of being matters.

Focus on the internal and the external starts to shift.

Let me know how you feel after trying these techniques.

To your prosperity,

Bethany Love