Why pressing pause will change your life

Have you ever noticed how you can’t NOT look at your phone while your at a red light or in a waiting room or even on the toilet?

If you are an entrepreneur like me you might relate to getting the buzz of a new project and then getting excited about another and moving on before you’ve finished the first project?

Yeah it’s not a great habit, I know. It happens in this busy tech driven age we live in and it’s time take our power back.

It’s time to press the pause button.

Pausing from our phones, from facebook, from email, from the incessant buzzing of notifications in our lives.

Pause for your wellbeing.

It actually helps you recalibrate your adrenals when you take a deep breath and pause.

Meditating is an easy way to press pause.

If that’s too much for you, try leaving your phone when you go to the toilet

and if you want to go to the next level on taking a pause,

try turning your phone off when you go to bed at night.

Obviously, meditating will do wonders for you taking an intentional pause everyday.

Meditating can help you reset your adrenals, your mood, your overall energy.

I believe it’s time we start taking back our power from our fingertips by putting down our phones.

Start listening to our breath and hearing our soul speak.

As artsits and entrepreneurs, we have so much that wants to come out and be shared and so much intuitive wisdom that wants to come through, we block that when we are constantly on technology.

Let’s get back to our souls.

Let’s get back to our inner knowing, our inner wisdom.

That’s where our true prosperity is.