Martha Beck

Thank you for this blog! I love reading your rough drafts and stream-of-consciousness writing thoughts; it helps me feel normal (though I also love your polished, finished gems). And thank you for all your years of “hard play” ;-). My life is a million times better today than it was ten years ago, thanks to learning how to listen to my inner guidance system via your wisdom— I have a new, not-abusive, wonderful husband, a job helping humanity, and am on the path of self-love.

Wanted to share a dream I had last year — you were having a conference for your life coaches in a hotel that I was also staying at, though I wasn’t there for the conference. I looked down and I was wearing a shimmering silver shirt. You came up to me, hugged me, and said “Bethany, we asked our master coaches to wear sparkles to this event! You don’t need any more training; you are already a master.” I felt affirmed, loved, and happy.

Anyway, thanks again. Keep procrastinating any time you need to. I think it’s where all your best stuff comes from. :-)