I don’t blame you at all for believing this is more important than our survival.
I know this is hard to read, but you should deny your biological programming and refuse to…
Brendon Carpenter

Brendon, I think you misunderstood my point. Perhaps that’s my fault for laying on the sarcasm so thickly. I wasn’t making a point about reproduction. I was making an analogy. And I wasn’t objecting to the formulation that “x is more important than y” by simply switching x and y; I was making the point that it’s arrogant to impose your x over my y when you yourself have never had to live the reality of y in the first place.

It’s bizarre that you think a no-fly zone over Syria would put us at greater risk of nuclear war than would a thin-skinned, incurious, pugilistic megalomaniac who has gone on record stating that he knows more about terrorism than seasoned generals who have been dealing with terrorism for significant chunks of their career.

Perhaps between that and your disconnect with my overarching point, there’s just too broad a chasm here for any attempt at understanding.

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