A perfect pair of hands

Christmas Eve! One of my favourite days of the year. But until today, I haven’t been feeling very “christmassy”. Interviews, assignments and busy shifts at work made me momentarily lost sight of the Christmas story. I doubt I’m the only one.

BUT, recently I was rereading ”An Angel’s Story” which is a short story by Max Lucado about the first Christmas, told from an angel’s perspective who powerfully describes the humble beginnings of Jesus and His first precious moments on earth:

”Do you know who you hold Mary? You secure the Author of grace. He who is ageless is now moments old. He who is limitless is now suckling your milk. He who strides upon the stars, now has legs too weak to walk, the hands which held the oceans are now an infant’s fist. To Him who has never asked a question, you will teach the name of the wind. The Source of language will learn words from you. He who has never hungered , you will feed. The King of creation is in your arms.”

Imagine that night 2,000 years ago. Jesus. All of God in a newborn infant, cradled in a virgins arms and gazed upon in awe by Joseph and speechless sheperds, all serenaded by rejoicing angels. A divine night.

But my thoughts zoomed in on something tiny that captivated me. It was His hands.

The helpless, vulnerable hands of a tiny newborn became hands that:

  • clung to a mothers as he learned to walk.
  • fashioned furniture from wood.
  • wiped a mans eyes and gave him sight.
  • raised a little girl from the dead.
  • cradled children.
  • washed the dirty feet of the disciples.
  • saved a man from drowning.
  • touched and embraced the lonely and lost people, the pariahs of society: lepers, prostitutes, tax collectors.
  • drew in the sand, to sensitively draw attention upon himself, and away from a vulnerable woman the Pharisees were persecuting.

Hands that healed, held and gave hope.

How many of us can say our hands are free of any sin and have never been the source of any sorrow?

Only One.

But Jesus didn’t come to simply be an example of kindness.

He exchanged the light and glory of heaven where He dwelt in perfect union with His Father, for the dust and pain of earth. He came and made a home among us to die to bring us home, forever.

33 years later, His innocent, wonderful hands, were spread across wood and pierced by nails as the He who could have annihilated them all with one word, let them hang Him upon a tree to die the most excruciating and humiliating of deaths.

Because He loved us, beyond the price He and the Father paid — His Life, His Son.

He wants to take each of us with His pierced hands and lead us into fullness of joy and love and light with Him, forever.

Your name is graven upon His hands. Come to Him. He is dying to know you. He died to know you.

He did not stay in the manger and He did not stay on the cross and He did not stay in the tomb. He is Immanuel, God with us.

When I remember this, all the other thoughts fade and I feel myself soften, my heart stirred again, by the Christmas Story.

Have a lovely Christmas.

Beth. X

Isaiah 9.6

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