Believe in Yourself

Bethany Wood
Oct 4 · 1 min read

It will not always be easy. Actually, it will RARELY be easy.

It may take a lot of time. Actually, it will likely take a LONG time.

You will have some highs and lows. Actually, there will be LOTS of them.

You might feel like a failure sometimes. Actually, you WILL feel like a failure sometimes.

You may experience rejection. Actually, you WILL be rejected more than once.

It might require a lot of soul searching & digging. Actually, the digging will NEVER end.

Others may not believe in you or your dream. Actually, there will likely be MANY of those people.

On the contrary, there may be those who believe in you BEFORE you even believe in yourself. Actually, there will ALWAYS be those who are able to see your hidden potential before you can. Believe them.

You got this. You can do this. Whatever it is, you are strong enough to survive. Actually, you are strong enough to THRIVE.

Believe in yourself.

Bethany Wood

Written by

Helping people transform their relationship with food & their bodies. ,IG & Twitter: bethanywood.healthcoach & @BHealthcoach

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