Decade Challenge 2009 — 2019. With the prominence of social media at the end of this decade, the “decade challenge” seems to be everywhere this year. I enjoy a good throwback and I thought it would be a fun dive into the land of nostalgia. But it actually ended up being a great therapeutic exercise.

Often, we forget how much life we have actually LIVED until we take the time to look back and appreciate all the valleys and mountain tops we have been through.

I was 24 in the picture on the left. This is still one of my…

I used to have an eating disorder and I’m a Health Coach now, so it’s complicated…

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First, I have to tell you part of my story. I want you to understand that being able to enjoy comfort foods or food in social settings wasn’t always easy or free of shame for me. I used to have an eating disorder, so I haven’t always been comfortable enjoying foods during the holidays, or foods at any other social gatherings for that matter. So let’s take a quick trip down the uncomfortable parts of my memory lane…

(I also want to throw out a quick disclaimer. The opinions I’m expressing here are all from my personal experiences, both as someone who struggled with Bulimia, and now as a health coach who has worked with a variety of clients on the topics of comfort food and emotional eating. Some of my experiences, parts of my story, and some of my opinions about comfort food may be triggering for those of you with an active eating disorder or a disordered eating past. Please know that writing about these things comes from a place of deep intention to provide solidarity…

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Loving your body starts with your roots: Your ancestry and your inherited body configuration.

You might be thinking, “What does my ancestry have to do with my relationship to my body?”. Your ancestry, your family of origin, impacts your story in a multitude of ways, because like it or not, it’s where you came from. Whether or not you were exposed to cultural traditions or stories from your ancestry, you still inherited your body configuration and your genetics from your ancestors. Their experiences impacted their choices, beliefs, and the way they viewed themselves, which impacted how they treated their bodies. …

It will not always be easy. Actually, it will RARELY be easy.

It may take a lot of time. Actually, it will likely take a LONG time.

You will have some highs and lows. Actually, there will be LOTS of them.

You might feel like a failure sometimes. Actually, you WILL feel like a failure sometimes.

You may experience rejection. Actually, you WILL be rejected more than once.

It might require a lot of soul searching & digging. Actually, the digging will NEVER end.

Others may not believe in you or your dream. …

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Our relationship with food & our bodies is a lifelong one.

Just as in any relationship, there is no quick fix when it’s deeply damaged. However, the relationship we have with our bodies, and thus with the food that we eat, is never beyond healing and repair. We are given this one body. When there is a great rift between our cognitive self and our body, it can feel as though our body is fighting against us or letting us down in some way.

We frequently wish we could will our bodies to “do” and “be” in the ways that our minds think are best. Our minds often get these notions…

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Loving yourself is the one thing that no one else and no role can give to you. It’s something that you alone have power over in your life.

There will be those who try to steal that power from you. Those who even manage to force you to relinquish that power for a period of time. Those same people will use that loss of your own power against you. There are those who are so good at manipulation that you freely hand the key to your self-worth over to them, unaware that it’s not something another person can keep safe for you. In fact, it’s not even something that can be contained in a locked cage by any power other than yourself. You see, your self-worth is something…

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Accountability is the condition of having to answer, explain, or justify one’s actions or beliefs to another. Accountability is a composite of numerous factors: being held responsible for one’s actions, presence of another, evaluation by an audience, and providing validation for one’s behavior.” —

Accountability is something that everyone benefits from. As human beings, we have a strong need and desire to be evaluated positively by those in our surrounding social groups. Sometimes this can become a detriment when we constantly feel the need to perform or hide the true version of ourselves in order to conform to social…

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95% of farm animals in the U.S. are raised in factory farms.

(According to The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals® (ASPCA®)

That’s a shocking statistic, and yet not surprising considering that meat production and consumption worldwide is more than three times higher than it was 50 years ago according to a report released by the Worldwatch Institute in 2011.

According to this same report by the WorldWatch Institute, “Worldwide as of 2010, People in the developing world eat 32 kilograms of meat a year on average, compared to 80 kilograms per person in the industrial world.”

I’ll preface this post by stating that the purpose of this blog post is not to judge anyone for their eating choices or pressure anyone into adopting a plant-based only lifestyle. I personally choose to eat meat and I believe that there are many great health benefits from eating small portions of sustainably sourced and ethically raised meat. I believe that choosing to eat animal products or not is a personal choice. However, I do believe that many consumers of meat, especially in the U.S., are unaware of the gravitas of industrialized factory farming.

Helping to advocate for change in the food industry in our country is a passion of mine, and as a health coach, I believe it is also my duty to help spread education about topics such as factory farming and how it impacts your health. …

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What is Emotional Eating?

Have you ever been really stressed at work, which made you feel like you had no will power left over to resist the donuts that your co-worker brought in, so you quickly ate one and then felt guilty about it?

Have you been so exhausted at the end of a busy and demanding week that you plopped down in front of the TV and ate an entire bag of potato chips by yourself in what seemed like a matter of seconds?

Have you been emotionally hurt by or angry at a loved one, so you proceeded to drink a bottle…

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Helping people transform their relationship with food & their bodies. ,IG & Twitter: bethanywood.healthcoach & @BHealthcoach

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