Healing is Coming

Life can surprise you if you let it

I don’t know about you, but I always feel the pressure to find my new best friends now. After a loss of a relationship, a move to a new place, or just a new phase in life, I tend to close a lot of doors because I can’t see how those doors could lead to something good or right. I weigh whether something will be worth it on whether it can lead me to long term, close friendships.

It’s easy to feel like people pity you when they invite you to hang out. It’s easy to feel like it’s not worth going to that social event because these people are twice your age or don’t live near you or aren’t “your type”. But, I’m learning, to just let people in. Let them let you in. Even if it’s only for this one day. This one moment. Because, you’re so much better when you’re not alone. (I know, I know… you need no one else but yourself. #selflove. But, I still stand by what I said.) Let people help you heal. Let them help you get one step closer to where you need to be on your journey to “what’s next”. Go to that dinner, be the third wheel at the movies. Go. Take risks. Be open to what is around you. Have as much fun as you can. And, let life surprise you. It will. Healing and joy can be found in the most unlikely places.

You’ll find your way. You always have.