How to Win at Dice Game

Some of the people who earn their living through casinos will say that
If you are going to gamble you should the odds of the game you are playing
and that the odds are stacked in the casino’s favor.

Consider yourself a pretty good gambler if you beat these odds in the dice and blackjack game in the real casinos, learning the skills could be darn difficult for some but certainly there are gamblers who does a really good job at beating the odds.

If you have been in the bitcoin community for awhile, you’d notice that Bitcoin Dice is one of the most popular game to which gamblers use familiar strategy to win the dice game apart from Martingale, Paroli and the D’Alembhert system. What makes dice a popular game is that its easy but challenging to play yet very straightforward. Gamblers even come up with their own ways to win dice which is why a lot of us hopes to cash-in and try our luck.

There are things you need to know first to start playing and winning Bitcoin Dice such as the strategy for your bankroll to increase. Like any other casino games, your chance of beating odds in Bitcoin Dice can be improved specially if you are determined.

To get you started with your journey to a profitable gaming experience, I laid out some guides to help you come up with a dice winning system of your own to win Bitcoin. With these guides, you will have a higher percentage of winning.

Sample: BetHash


Base on the above image, you can see that you can slide the 50% winning chance and your bet amount each roll can also be changed depending to how much you wanna bet on the game. And you can also decide whether to roll over or under which also corresponds to the winning chance, by default bitcoin casinos are setting this to 50. After this, you can already ROLL to see if you win or not.


This is to prevent you from spending more since this is about making it fun as well. Remember to enjoy while betting so no matter how much BTC you have deposited to the casino, always use the strategy you learn and be in control over your emotions. Like an investment advice in cryptocurrency, only gamble away what you can afford to lose. Don’t go over the amount of BTC you intend to spend.

ODDS and PROBABILITY (Provably Fair)

Remember that dice is a gambling game so the chance of winning isn’t assured because of provably fair gameplay, you might think there is a mechanical manipulations done for each result but provably fair feature is a technology created by developers which players and the house will have no chance of cheating since the result of each roll is predetermined already and can not be tampered by any party.

There is no way you can predict the result due to the provably fair gameplay but playing the odds and calculating probabilities can help increase your chance to win the dice. One strategy is to try the opposite. If you hit Roll Over previously then try the Roll Under after it and see some patterns. You can try Roll Over successively until you lose and see how many Roll Over bets til you lose and then try the Roll Under next time. It may not be a perfect strategy but you are going to see some patterns since this are predetermined you can almost predict the next.

There are some players who uses those Martingale system well, it does work to some Bitcoin casinos so you may have to try different system at every gambling site you go. Leaning them could be you option to win dice.

biggest profits mean gravest risks.

biggest profits mean gravest risks.