The Value of Empathy
Leah Reich

I work for a big company, and being empathetic is a big part of my job. There is customer feedback opportunity which means they can literally rank me on a scale of 1–10 on how empathetic (amongst other things) I was during the time I spent with them. I’m literally taking some time roaming on the internet just now about how I can improve my empathy ‘levels’ when engaging with people.

When I started my job the empathy scores were high, but now that I have become more settled and comfortable in my role the scores have dropped. I absolutely agree that empathy is all relative, and cannot be scored or measured. I do, however, think it interesting that various customers said have picked up on my empathy levels dropping. I figured it really has changed in my time working here, for after a few months the issues your seeing aren’t new to you.

I believe empathy is something you have to practice, and it wasn’t something I ever imagined I would constantly have to maintain. I loved your piece, thanks for posting.

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