Kim Gebbia Chappell

I love this article so much! We working mamas need to stick together.

My children are now 10 & 12. My best advice: It gets easier. So much easier. I nursed both my children until they were 18 months old while working full-time, and I will also tell you that you will have an easier time separating from them after you wean them. While I’m no doctor and I have little data or research, I suspect that the hormones that support breastfeeding are also responsible for that fierce emotional tether that makes your heart hurt when you leave her at daycare. While it never fully goes away (and who would want it to), it becomes far less intense once you are finished nursing. Not a reason to wean — enjoy that precious gift and time- just a good thing to know while you are in that place.

Hang in there mama. Feel all those precious feels. And most of all, be good to yourself.