When you see the waves approach the delicate sandy shore, time and time again, it’s scary. It’s intimidating. The shore knows no difference. It’s natural, as it catches the force of the ways with grace and a welcoming spirit.

When we see the waves come in, we run backwards. We stay far enough back to only get our ankles wet, but not get fully submersed in the salty water. We don’t want our pants wet. The water is cold. We are cold. We don’t want to swim. Whatever the reason, we are standoffish to the gentle, refreshing ocean water that keeps us alive. The water that is in us.

When we do embrace the waves, it makes us squeal with delight and surprise! It feels good, it’s a sensation many of us only experience a few times in our lives. Revel in it. Enjoy it. Embrace and welcome it. The salt water is our friend.

Metaphorically, the waves are the changes of life that we fear, but are always happening. If we welcome and embrace them, like the sandy beaches do millions of times each day, life begins to flow. It feels smooth and easy, even during the difficult times.

Welcome the waves of change. Let the salt water heal your open wounds.

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