This post describes basics of

  • SSE concepts,
  • SSE use cases,
  • How does SSE work,
  • Message Formats,
  • SSE code on Client side and Server side
  • SseEmitter connection keep alive time,
  • Auto Re-connect mechanism

If you already know basics concepts, please refer to my post on

Server Sent Event — Development and Test Automation, which completely focused on E2E SSE development and addressing the challenges of testing SSE, preciously on how to automate SSE automation tests.

As always, you could refer to code here from my git hub account at BeTheCodeWithYou and refer to repository Spring-Boot-SSE

Please give star to the repo…

This post is a next part of the my earlier post SSE basics.

In this post, I will get into SSE code and how we can automate it’s testing.

Please refer to my github account at BeTheCodeWithYou and clone the repository Spring-Boot-SSE to directly run the application.

please give repo a star if it did help you ✌️

The need of creating this repository was apparent due to SSE Test challenges and I couldn’t find anything fitted together!!

So, think about if you have a client connected to server over SSE but how do you make sure that your client…

In this article, I am writing up detailed steps on how you scan your code with SonarCloud by running maven sonar locally.

It’s a very important phase, where we should configure sonar quality gates at very early stage of the development, so as to eliminate last time surprises!

More importantly, the point is, if you do sonar configuration at later stage then fixing sonar issues becomes more complex due to high code density and then you will have to perform more regression and integration tests to make sure that sonar fixes are not breaking existing functionalities. …

This post details about how you can configure your mindset and achieve possibility of developing and delivering zero defects API with TDD, Writing and automating Integration Test Cases along with Build pipeline strategy.

In projects, we always have code quality gates in place, and so we scan our code against various tools like FindBug, SonarLint, SonarQube, we write unit test cases ( min 80% coverage ), we write Integration test cases, we apply profiling and etc etc.

We do all this setup, with a GOAL for achieving less number of defects with quality deliverable as much as we could. yeah?

{ Neeraj : Sidhaye }

I aspire to inspire before i expire!

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