Scaling in The Pudding’s “Pop Lyrics” Article
A. Melville

After looking at both the mobile (on my iPhone 6s+) and the desktop version (on my iMac 21 in monitor) of this site, I really liked the mobile version better. But I understand why there is a significant difference between the two. It looks like that the desktop version seems to split the site into two columns while the mobile keeps it as one. On the mobile version, the background stays and the foreground scrolls which is what I really like about it. But the desktop version just simply moves that background to the right column and the foreground to the left column. So it works the same, the information just isn’t overlapping on the desktop version. I think it works for both. I think the mobile version is more appealing to me, but the desktop version is a lot easier to read because nothing is being overlapped. As for importance of the visualizations, the desktop version does appear as putting more importance on them simply because it has the space for two columns. Unfortunately, mobile is limited to a one column scroll and so they designed to keep the scrolling similar to the desktop version, the columns are just overlapped instead of side by side. I think it is slightly detracting the importance of the visualizations simply because you have to differentiate the information between the foreground and background, but I think the movement/animation helps with keeping the eyes focused on the information being shared.

I think it does a great job of using elements of multimedia. Like I mentioned above, the visualizations take advantage of animation to help the viewer read the information being shared. It also keeps things interesting as reading statistics can get incredibly boring, so graphs and charts help greatly. Not only that, but these graphs and charts are animated to the information that is being scrolled through. That helped me, as viewer, stay interested in the information being shared from top to bottom.

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