City of Chicago’s Complementary Color Conundrum
A. Melville

Before this class, I actually did research on color schemes and the different meanings that get associated with certain colors in logos. I was trying to design a logo for a project and wanted to find the right colors to represent what I was working on. And in that time, I learned a lot about colors and the meanings that get associated to them. Orange was one of the biggest surprises to me actually and that was that it can mean more than simply enthusiasm and happiness. It also can mean determination and success. Then when I think about this question you posed and how I’ve always seen Chicago define itself, determination and success are definitely symbols of this great city. While the blue is representing that depth and stability, the orange is that determination and success. Chicago is made up of so many different communities of people and the work they do is what contributes to the cities success. So I think that the blue is used to help bring people in, but the orange represents the people that make this city so great. Together, they make up this energetic and stable city that welcomes all people.

I think because of that, the colors work for the city site. Chicago wants to be different from other cities and not be like all the other political sites you find online. Because Chicago is so much more than that and going with the red, white and blue that every other government site I’ve come across is just generic. Chicago wants to stand out and this site is a representation of that. It wants to communicate that it is so much more than it’s politics, rather it’s about its people and what they do make Chicago the city know and love.

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