Visual Hierarchy: Machine Culture Website
A. Melville

I do think it does accomplish empathy, surprise and clarity. When I look at this site, I see that it does empathize with its audience as it is a website designed for content creators/artists to explore the work of other content creators/artists. It speaks to their interests and is structured in a way that makes it easy for them to explore these works. I think it accomplishes surprise through providing a variety of works to explore and does it in a way that grabs your attention. It highlights “Twercules!” x3, but it also allows visitors of the site to see additional works being created by other artists. Lastly, it provides clarity in that it uses white space to its advantage. The images of these works are bright and vibrant, so using white space to help create columns and rows allow for a clean layout that doesn’t distract the viewer from the works themselves.

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