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Senior Pastor Jonathan Falwell at Liberty University’s Convocation

Jonathan Falwell of Thomas Road Baptist Church spoke Wednesday morning at Liberty’s first Convocation. He spoke of how important it is for students to be true to the individuals God created them to be, and to live for Christ. Jonathan Falwell’s message was not only biblically sound but it also touched many hearts.

Liberty University Buys Shopping Center

Liberty University recently purchased Fort Hill Shopping Center. Liberty did this in order to provide student parking to the ever-growing campus. Because of this purchase, Liberty has made available 600 parking spaces for freshman students.

Liberty University’s Gives Details on New Gun Policy

Liberty University’s new gun policy allows students who are concealed-carry permit holders to have guns in their dorms. Students, upon applying for permission to have a gun on campus, will have a gun safe installed in their dorm room upon acceptance. There will be penalties, though, if a student breaks any rules based on Liberty’s policies.

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