Before you Assume It’s Bullying, Remember Every Child Has a Story

If you have children, you must read this post by my friend, Todd Nesloney a Lead Learner at a Texas elementary school. I experience this weekly…children who mess up from lack of self control…their emotions are all over the place, so they name call, they yell, they shut down, melt down, they may even hit another child or an adult. When another child is on the receiving end of a child who lacks a social filter and emotional control, their family may quickly assume their child is being bullied. In reality, there is a story behind the breakdown of the other child, and if it was known, hearts would be broken and people would empathize. Please remember this when you as a parent get in this situation, because you will if you haven’t already. Does bullying exist? Absolutely. Do kids need to be held accountable for their actions when they lose control? Of course, and they will, but sometimes they require patience, behavior plans, medical treatment, professional counseling, or even hospitalization before they will understand the accountability. Mental health is a major part of our public schools, because we take all kids and do the very best we can for them. We must exhibit empathy and always remember that there is a story behind every single child.

Thanks to Todd Nesloney for the amazing blog post.

Bethany, Champion for ALL kids

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