“Deconstructing my own artistic process and teaching it to painting robots is my attempt at a better understanding of myself.” — Pindar Van Arman.

[Fig.1] One of Pindar Van Arman’s robot. Image Credit and Courtesy of Pindar Van Arman.
[1] “Black Rhino” (2021). Credits: Lorna Inman, who is artist is in residence at The Immersive KIND. Inman has created this commissioned artwork for Aniseed. Black rhinos are critically endangered due to poaching and the demand for their horns. This collection of animals raises awareness for endangered species and 20% of proceeds will go to WWF.

[Fig.1] Kaydeen at Frankfurt Fashion Week. Kadine James’ avatar by artist Allan Gregorio is styled by Mutantboard. Music by soundpiece AI. Credits: Allan Gregorio, Mutantboard, The Immersive KIND, and soundpiece

“We’re absolutely delighted to be partnering with…

“Art doesn’t need to be beautiful to be appreciated, it has to be universal.” — Paul-Yves Poumay

[Fig.1] Poster of “Art for Change”, Paul-Yves Poumay’s solo exhibition (8–29 May) at Spazio Arte Petrecca — Isernia (Italy)

[Fig.1] “Hero” shot — AR ART LENS, credit: Damara Inglês, LENS artist x The Immersive KIND

[Fig.1] Kadine James is digitally dressed by artist Scarlett Yang. Credit: Scarlett Yang, courtesy of the artist and K. James. The project is part of a collaboration with The Immersive KIND and explores digital fashion and avatars.

“If you look at history, innovation doesn’t come just from giving people incentives; it comes from creating environments where their ideas can connect.” — Steven Johnson

[Fig.1] GANs-generated fashion image, 2020. Credit: Fabio Rovai. Makeup detail. Courtesy of the artist and The Immersive KIND.

Beth Jochim

Creative AI Lead at Libre AI, and Co-founder at Cueva Gallery. I write about the intersection of technology and arts with a focus on Artificial Intelligence.

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