You know the kind of person I’m talking about. The one everyone seems to know, yet they still slide under the radar. They are mysterious, almost scary. They don’t say much- not because they aren’t interested, it’s just they don’t feel the need to fill silence with useless noise. Every word has a purpose. This silence comes off as intimidating. They appear cold and withdrawn. Others exude quiet and shyness. However, they’re all doing the same thing.

Observing. That’s me. I notice everything. What people do, what they say, who they look at when they say it, and most importantly, what they do when they think no one is looking. I notice the subtle things people do, and I read into what people are saying. It really isn’t that difficult to slide into the background, but I suppose that is the problem with most people. They don’t want to be forgotten; they want to be watched. It’s a delicate balance. Observers, then, you could say, are an endangered species.

People forget about me, just because I’m so silent. It makes people scared, but at the same time, interested. How does she do that? They are intrigued when they realize how easily I was forgotten about. Maybe that’s why people are intimidated. Strangely enough, find me trustworthy. They tell me everything, and I don’t even have to provoke them much. I know secrets. Secrets contain knowledge. Knowledge contains power.

Then at the same time, some people don’t think observers are important. They claim observers don’t contribute. They just sit there, barely talking. Think about it. Think about your friends. Imagine your group. What would it be like without one of those people, without me? They point out what you don’t notice. They give you advice. Be honest, would you have been able to figure those out on your own?

Even after reading this, I know exactly what you are doing. You are thinking of that one person who fits this description perfectly. There is a least one person that you know, it just takes a little thinking. After all, they’re good at sliding into the background, even in your memory.

Everyone knows an observer.

We can be helpful or hurtful. We can point out your possibilities or we can point out your flaws. We can tell you what you want to know, but we can do the same thing for others. There is one thing for certain; you do NOT want to cross an observer. I notice everything and I will use every bit of knowledge I remember in order to bring you down. Don’t you remember? You already told me all your secrets and problems.

I never told you anything.

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