The revolutionary nature of regenerative farming, and why humanity needs it now.

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In an age of rampant consumption, environmental destruction, growing injustice, caring takes a toll. To be engaged in the struggle to improve conditions for our communities takes incredible determination and hope. And it can be hard to know where to begin when the world is burning.

What is your relationship to land is a question that doesn’t come up often enough, but can reveal a deep web of connectedness, or pull at the tendrils of displacement.

Many of us have migrant histories, lived or ancestral. With mass-migration and unprecedented urbanization becoming the reality for many folks today, the result is a ruptured relationship to land — and by extension, to our very nature.

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I’m writing this from a little island in the Salish Sea. My balcony overlooks the ocean, bordered by a mountain-range thick with evergreens. The breeze carries with it the smell of honeysuckle and seaspray. I’ve been working in the garden all day and feel accomplished, having gained some ground on the encroaching blackberry kingdom. This isn’t a typical day — I’m on hiatus from the city, trying to decide if it’s a relationship that still serves me.

As with any push-pull dynamic, space helps, as does perspective.

I was drawn to the city by a call to greater expansiveness. I…

Maybe you’re lucky and have learned this by now, but it took me some time to find that there are many ways to meditate.

The practice, put simply, is bringing full attention to the present moment.

If you’re like me and misread mainstream meditation tips to mean that you can only meditate in very particular -sometimes inaccessible- conditions, you’re not alone. I used to be among those who say things like “meditation isn’t for me, I simply can’t sit still long enough”… until I discovered the crossover with flow states.

Flow is that space you step into when you’re engaged…

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A love story for marginals.

Sitting on my bed I ask if you would like to see some secrets, we laugh as I hover over search history, teasing and typing keywords. Not long ago, I proposed to you over the phone, somewhat sincerely. A non-exclusive union of mad marginals, we joked. Your sweet melancholy self left home years ago, Casablanca couldn’t contain you — Montreal is a midpoint but you haven’t felt settled yet. We seekers see each other. Found you in the woods somewhere, caught a glimpse of your sparkle soul in the pond. Thinking of the plans we…

Get used to saying goodbye to friends and former selves.

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The trouble with travel is that your heart spreads so wide it might break with the beauty of it all. You’ll have crushes on faraway cities and fall in love with faces you may never see again. You’ll find yourself fully present, aching with aliveness as you tend to the call of following flow, allowing the path to unfold.

You’ll leave a little piece of yourself behind, in exchange for the pleasure of a place. You’ll find yourself more raw with each day, as you succumb to the trust it…

I admit it, I bought into the self-care cult at first. How empowering the platitudes: change your thoughts, change your life, and how comforting to imagine we can sage and bathe ourselves into a state of wellbeing. With the right affirmations, you can activate abundance, and remove whatever energetic blocks are causing this existential angst. It’s an appealing narrative but those crystal collections won’t keep privatization at bay, or repair the crumbling social contract.

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We’re living in uncertain times, navigating an ever-growing social divide, a gang of obtuse elites at the helm as we careen into a technological future that…

Dance can be therapy, it just takes unlearning the “bad dancer” narrative. Modern life has a way of making us feel disconnected. Getting out of your head and on to a dancefloor is one the fastest paths to feeling good— and anyone can do it!

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I had a rocky start with dance. As a kid, I was passed over for school musicals and dropped out of dance classes because I simply couldn’t follow the steps. Like most kids, I loved to move, but the lack of positive feedback and inability to follow choreography had me convinced that I simply sucked…

Earning a living shouldn’t be at odds with life.

I have a niece who is not yet five. The last time I babysat, she was jolted awake by a bad dream. As I lay with her soothing her back to sleep, she confessed (with a tangible level of stress): “I don’t know what to be when I grow up!” The worry of what to do for work was literally keeping this child up at night. How did this happen? What is it in our environment that is already putting career pressure on children? …

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Whether you’re looking to deepen your understanding of alternative relationship models, or seeking to strengthen your relationship with yourself, non-monogamy has a lot to teach us. Here are five relationship truths that really sink in when you explore ethical non-monogamy.

1. Your relationship with yourself comes first.

It’s a long life. Lovers will come and go, if you’re lucky you might find someone(s) special willing to grow alongside you, but at the core of this should be a fully formed, well-tended relationship with the self. Self-love gets a lot of lip service, but it truly is the foundation for any…

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