Sad, Lonely, And Educated

I am one of the many college students living in a dorm-just waiting until I can get the hell out. My tiny room is stuffed with a couple pieces of furniture that me and my best-friend share. Yes, I love living in my dorm and yes I enjoy the constant company of the people on my floor- but I want my own space.

Like others, I was super excited by the fact that I could share a house or apartment with some friends instead of the tiny closet of a place i live in now. But I was also worried about the downfalls of living off campus. I created a poll that I put on my college’s freshman Facebook page about the negative aspects of living off campus. The major struggle of off campus living is the loneliness. This may not seem like a downfall for some. Yes, living off campus is nice when it comes to personal space and feeling a sense of self- reliance. But, for the majority of the people in the survey-60%- living off campus had negative effects on their mental health.

As the infographic shows, living off campus may be nice to some, but many people struggle with not being able to be a part of westerns community as much as they would like.

My idea to improve mental health is to require all students to live on campus. Although this may seem like purgatory to many students, you should also be able to opt- out of on campus living after the first year. The assumption that people will stay on campus through out their college career should steer people into doing so. If there are people who need to live off campus FOR mental health then that should be allowed on a case by case basis.

To summarize, living off campus can cause depression from loneliness. In order to fix this problem, people should live on campus during school so they can maintain the level of human interaction necessary to be happy and healthy.